Tablet or Ipad for LS4278

Note: We do NOT recommend this scanner for mobile or tablet use. This very well could disable the on-screen keyboard when the scanner is connected via bluetooth. You will still need to connect the Cradle to the USB of a computer to charge this scanner. It will NOT charge via a USB wall charger.

We recommend the LI4278 for tablet use found HERE.
We recommend a Wall Charger if you want to charge this without a computer found HERE.

Please PRINT the sheet below.

Option 1
Scan #1 #2 #3 on the printed sheet.

Look for a bluetooth device on your tablet.

When you try to pair, you will be asked for a code. Type 12345 on the tablet.

Option 2
1 Scan #1 restore default
2 Scan #2 Bluetooth keyboard emulation
3 Scan #3 Single-line Only
4 Scan #4 variable pin code
5 Look for the bluetooth device of the 4278 on Computer and select it.
6 Enter code provided with numerical codes FROM THE PRINTED SHEET when prompted by computer/tablet.
7 Scan END OF MESSAGE after the code.